Examples of Keytech’s previous success stories include the following;

  • A large, nationally recognized fabricator wanted to confidentially assess customer attitudes and opinions about its own performance as well as that of its competitors. They turned to Keytech to develop and implement a confidential research methodology which not only provided the client with the exact confidential information they were seeking but revealed additional market information which provided benefits well beyond what was originally desired.
  • In another situation, a very difficult and contentious situation had developed between an insurance company and one of its clients regarding a large claim involving a failed curtain wall installation. Keytech’s investigation uncovered a previously unknown fact … that the original work had not been completed to contract requirements and even more importantly, was not installed to existing code requirements which created a potential public safety hazard. A prompt and acceptable resolution was achieved to the complete satisfaction of the client.
  • On yet another project, the Keytech team was called upon to offer recommendations for a façade upgrade to reduce energy costs while making this particular client’s large high-rise building aesthetically more appealing. Working with suppliers, the owner’s architect and engineering firm, Keytech found product providers and installers that not only satisfied the client’s energy and aesthetic requirements but also helped bring the project in below initial cost projections.

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