Keytech North America is a full service research and technical provider to the glass and metal industry. If you are in need of market research or analysis, technical services including remediation expertise, or business consultation and advice, Keytech North America can help. And if we can’t, we will do everything possible to recommend or direct you to someone who can.

Keytech can also quickly mobilize to step in during a crisis to help manage an ongoing business due to a sudden illness or owner incapacitation event. On one occasion, an organization’s financial institution asked Keytech to serve in a temporary board leadership role while organizational issues were resolved that had resulted from the unexpected death of the owner of the business. An acceptable sale of the business was effectuated with no interruption in day to day business transactions.

Keytech has also provided valuation services to both sides (sellers & buyers) during transactional events during which changes in ownership occur. Keytech can assist in funding, business plan development or evaluation, financial projections and budgeting and much more.

The staff members at Keytech are integration specialists. They are particularly good at maneuvering through the complex interface where drawings and engineering meets field conditions and applications. The Keytech team of experts brings with it more than 150 years of experience in all phases of the glass and metal industry.


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